Relational concept of digital competences of seniors

The relational concept of digital competences as a basis
for designing development activities for seniors, increasing
their digital competences

Development activity is an organized educational process, a sequence of meetings with
a trainer in a specific period of time, within which animations and trainings are carried out in
frequency and intensity resulting from the goals, needs and predispositions of the target
group of recipients. The development activity can be implemented using the project method,
blended learning or e-learning. An organized educational process is characterized by set
development goals.

The most important element of the relational model is the assumption that digital integration
must consist in including the use of ICT in everyday life, so the use of technology results from
the needs related to various areas of the functioning of individuals.
The relational approach emphasizes the individual needs and motivations of modern
technology users, defined in relation to the needs and benefits of all spheres of life. The
relational approach to competences is a relatively new concept, according to which
information technologies are not a separate area outside the sphere of everyday life, but
a dimension of social life that crosses all its areas

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