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Training organized in Galatone, Italy, from 17 to 21 April 2023

In April, the DIGIT-GERA consortium spent a few days in Galatone, home of our Italian partner, Ipso F.A.C.T.O..

  • On our first day of training, partners talked about geragogical methodologies and approaches: all partners, under the supervision of PCKK as coordinator as well as E-Seniors as leader of Project Result 2, discussed the last steps of the creation of the modules for the e-learning platform. It was also the opportunity to speak about the ways seniors’ learners are able to learn and what to take into account when designing programs for senior people.
  • On the second day, the topic of discussion was the following: Digital Active Citizenship among seniors with the use of the Digital Framework for Citizens to develop training courses and how to recognize digital skills gained through non-formal education.
  • On the next day, partners exchanged about soft skills and cybersecurity for the digital society, but also how to pay extra attention to hoaxes and fake news on the Internet.
  • During the last day, partners discussed the future e-learning platform and other topics such as dissemination activities and upcoming tasks and deadlines.

Even though the weather wasn’t always on our side, we were lucky enough to manage some time in order to visit this amazing Italian region, thanks to our great hosts!

➔ The training allowed us to work efficiently together, to brainstorm and prepare our next steps.

➔ In general the good working climate was so target oriented, mixed in the right way also for the social extra activities organized. 

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