Consequences and Opportunities for Seniors in a Digital Society

The digital age presents both challenges and exciting possibilities for seniors. Here’s a breakdown of the two sides of the coin: Consequences: Opportunities: Bridging the Gap: By addressing the challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities, we can create a more inclusive digital world for seniors. Here are some ways to bridge the gap: Ultimately, a … Read more

The impact of digital tools in seniors’ daily life

Used to keep in touch, to cultivate and entertain ourselves, to go through procedures and make purchases online, digital technology is everywhere in people’s lives. We use the Internet to fill in our tax forms, take care of administrative formalities and so on. Digital technology has also become essential for healthcare, with online appointments, teleconsultations … Read more

Tips for Training: Methodology for senior learners

Usually, older adults have lower rates of internet usage than younger people.Therefore, considering the increasing digitalization of our societies, it’s essential to have a good approach and relevant methods with senior citizens on: How they can acquire digital skills; How they can learn to use the digital tools Skills of the trainers Given the vulnerability … Read more