PCKK (Poland) is the coordinator of this project. PCKK is an educational center (private company) that has been educating since 2000. The main areas of activity are: Teacher Training Center – conducts training in modern methods of teacher’s work, pedagogy and psychology; Vocational Training Center – training for adults to improve competences necessary on the labor market; and the Language Center. Since 2008, it has been carrying out activities increasing the digital competences of seniors.

E-Seniors (France) is a Paris-based non-profit non-governmental organisation that aims at fighting e-exclusion by offering ICT training to seniors (55+). E-Seniors follow its main goal by bridging the digital gap between generations, fostering seniors’ social participation, suggesting diverse activities to engage seniors in active social life. E-Seniors provides ICT courses for seniors in various public places and constantly opens new courses all over the Parisian region.

Uniâo das Freguesías de Gondomar (SCosme), Valbom e Jovim (Portugal); as a public entity, the Institution has many competences established by the government and developed a lot of projects related with entrepreneurship, employment, training, non formal education for all citizens – children, youngsters, adults and seniors, also on social inclusion, active ageing, disadvantage people, several projects related with local and national volunteering projects.

Método Estudios Consultores (Spain) is an international consulting company based in Spain focused on advanced services in training, social-labour research, technology and social projects with more than 20 years of experience. Our main area of expertise is training for employment, especially through e-learning mode, on which we are pioneers in the Spanish market. We also provide blended learning courses and face-to-face training. We have implemented more than 30 EU innovative projects under different frameworks such as ERASMUS+, Leonardo da Vinci, Interreg and Cross Border Cooperation.

Centro Integrado de Formación Profesional Misericordia (Spain) is a state VET centre depending on the Valencia Ministry of Education. CIPFPM is the biggest vocational high school in the region with almost 3,000 students and 200 full-time teachers. Pupils can study vocational studies of the following professional branches: Business administration, Secretarial studies, Commerce, Marketing, Electronics, and Socio-cultural services. CIPFPM is the Spanish National Reference Centre for Business Management.

Ipso FACTO (Italy) is a social cooperative (social enterprise) that works in the areas of Faith, Art, Culture, Tourism, Opportunities (acronyms of F.A.C.T.O.), as leader of the Opera Seme project, it works constantly with public and private entities to promote the South Italian territory and the social inclusion of disadvantaged people, especially adults and young people. Recently, Coop. Soc. Ipso FACTO, has begun its path through the European projects, being part of the partnership of the DIGIT-GERA project.