TPM 3: France

The 3rd Transnational Project Meeting of the DIGIT-GERA project was organized in Paris, France, on the 24th and 25th of January 2023. The aim of this meeting was to discuss about the final version of PR1 activity, the progress of PR2 work and the development of the training modules and other relevant activities planned through the project.  

On the one hand, project’s partners presented the first draft of their findings in the framework of PR2 work and all partners were able to ask questions and to exchange ideas, as well as to establish deadlines and furture steps to take. Also, the consortium discussed the organisation and the content of the next LTTA planned in Galatone, Italy next April. Moreover, a discussion on administrative and financial aspects as well as a part dedicated to quality assurance and dissemination were initiated by both coordinator and partners. At the end of the meeting, partners agreed on the tasks they have to do during the following weeks and months and also agreed on the logistics for the next LTTA in Italy. 

This face-to-face meeting was a real success since it was the opportunity to communicate and exchange diverse points of view related to the project and tasks. Partners were also very glad to see each other and to establish good relationships, essential for the achievement of this project. 

TPM 2: Poland

The 2nd Transnational Project Meeting of the DIGIT-GERA project took place on the 30th and 31st of August 2022 in Jelenia Góra (Poland). The aim of this meeting was to update all the partners about the progress in Result 1 and other parts of the project.
The partners talked about the development of Result 1 and also established the work plan for Result 2. Furthermore, the partners also discussed the administrative and financial tasks, quality control and dissemination. At the end they agreed on the tasks that every partner has to do for the following months and also agreed on the dates and topics for the next meetings.
This was a really successful meeting, in which they established a common path to work together for a common goal.

TPM 1: Portugal

The kick-off meeting of the DIGIT-GERA project took place on the 23rd and 24th of March 2022 in Gondomar (Portugal). The aim of this meeting was to present the project among all partners and to elaborate the work plan for the next 24 months. Issues related to the contents of the online course, the dissemination plan and the quality control were discussed. The partners were welcomed by the Local Mayor and also had the chance to attend to one class of the Senior University of Gondomar.
Furthermore, the partners talked about how this project aims to support the local learning environment in the participating countries and to promote the inclusion of older people in the digital society. As well as how it will create learning opportunities and enable older people to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital society.

The partners of Portugal, Poland, France, Italy and Spain with the Local Mayor of Gondomar.