Result 1: Analysis on geragogy methodologies of senior learners for an active digital citizenship. A full report published in English and translated into the partner languages. The report will have at least 80 pages and will be disseminated among at least 1000 teachers and trainers around Europe.

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Result 2: Online course in DIGIT-GERA methodology for teachers and trainers. The course will be available in English and in all partner languages. The course will be created in order to enhance the following skills of teachers under the DigCompEdu framework: 3.1. Teaching; 3.3. Collaborative learning; 5.1. Accessibility and inclusion; for a B2 level. The learning platform will include the digital age-friendly learning community (DAFLC) that will be populated by participants on the online course with assignments from the training modules. 200 people will participate in the online learning course during the project and 250 more during the sustainability phase. All participants on the online course will receive a diploma of completion that will contain specific references to the DigCompEdu and the level achieved by participants. (The course is expected to have a B2 level).

Result from the C1 training activity: A certification of completion for participants, a digital certificate if the system is ready, and exercises to include in the digital age-friendly learning community (DAFLC).

Results from Multiplier Events: With 120 participants. At least 5 people in each event will be invited to participate in a round table and evaluate the project idea and the quality of the project results.