E-meditation in Autumn

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, autumn offers a perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself and find tranquility amidst the seasonal transition. E-meditation apps have become increasingly popular for individuals seeking mindfulness and stress relief, and autumn is an ideal time to explore the possibilities they offer for harnessing the … Read more

Geragogy: The Science of Education for Older Adults

Geragogy: The Science of Education for Older Adults What is geragogy? Geragogy is a branch of pedagogy that focuses on the education of older adults. It takes a holistic approach to education, considering the physical, mental, social, cultural, and spiritual aspects of aging. Goals of geragogy: Functions of education for older adults: Methodology of geragogy: … Read more

E-health in summer.

In the summer holidays we usually go to other places. For this reason, we often lose contact with our usual healthcare environment. Faced with this summer reality, there are more and more public and private health services that offer a remote consultation service. Through the use of simple technologies, such as a mobile chat and an app, we can make consultations with medical professionals from the health services to which we belong. It is, therefore, a particularly useful service in summer. This is not to be confused with chatbots that offer automatic responses to our questions. On the contrary, this is a personalized and highly reliable service.